Ivel Model Aircraft Club

Model Aircraft Flying near Bedford UK

Our members are mainly from Bedfordshire and West Cambridgeshire

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Ivel Model Aircraft Club

(Ivel MAC)

On our website, you will find lots of information about the club, what we're about, and how to join us. Please browse through our site and if you have any questions, please send us a message via the contact form - we'd love to hear from you.

Our Flying Fields

At our flying field near Wilden, North of Bedford,we fly electric and i/c powered model aeroplanes as well as small electric helicopters  with the emphasis being placed on having lots of fun in safety.

We like to be respectful to our surrounding environment so we don't  fly i/c powered aircraft on Sundays at Wilden.

Any kind of model aircraft can be flown - foamies, traditional  balsa, home made or shop bought, gliders and autogyros. I/C and large helicopters are permitted only at our alternative site.

Pilots range in skill from beginners, to a 2017 UK free-flight winner and a former R/C world champion. But no matter what your skill level, there is always someone at the club willing to give you guidance and a helping hand.

Our flying field at  Wilden Cricket pitch is not far from Bedford, and offers a wonderful open approach for easy take off and landings with beautifully kept, short grass for those smaller models. Our Alternative site offers those with larger models to do longer straight-in approaches.

At our alternative site, the layout means that we normally fly looking to the North, away from the sun. Also, it offers opportunity to operate larger models due to the longer length of the field.

Parking at Our Flying Sites

Our Coaching and BMFA Examiner Team

We have a team of instructors to provide support and Individual training whenever it's needed (currently not Helicopters or Quadcopters). In addition we have a number of BFMA Registered Examiners so we are able to put flyers through the BMFA achievement tests (A & B).

Club night / Indoor flying

As well as flying outside on our regular flying field all year round, during the Winter months we also fly indoors. Currently, for this we meet every twice a month. For details see the Club Night page and also the Indoor Flying page on the adjacent menu.

        GET INVOLVED ……

Learn to fly

If you thought learning to fly a model aircraft is difficult, it can be,

unless you get the right training!


We have a number of BMFA Club registered instructors who will make learning to fly a fun and enjoyable experience. They can provide individual coaching seven days a week (weather permitting) from our site in Wilden, Bedfordshire. Our instructors are all experienced flyers who love to show new flyers the easiest, quickest and safest way to learn. (Currently we do not have any instructors for teaching students to fly Helicopters.)


We have BFMA Registered Examiners within the club, so we are able to put you through the BMFA achievement tests (A & B) without the fuss or need to call in an external BMFA examiner. This puts us in an enviable and unique position for model clubs in the area.

Check out our FAQ page for even more information.

Join the Club

If you like what you see and would like to join Ivel MAC please

visit our CONTACT PAGE and send us a message.