Ivel Model Aircraft Club

Model Aircraft Flying near Bedford UK

Our members are mainly from Bedfordshire and West Cambridgeshire

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Frequently asked Questions

Q.  How long does it take to learn to fly?

A.  Everyone can learn and become proficient regardless of age or experience. We have a team of dedicated instructors willing to help you all they can. It's up to the trainee how much time they're willing to put in as to how long it takes.

Q.  How is the training carried out?

A.  The instructor will always set up a "buddy" connection with your controller (transmitter) so that you can learn to fly with confidence knowing the instructor will take over if you get into trouble or panic!

Q.  Do I need to buy all the kit before I can learn to fly?

A.  The club no longer has a trainer plane and 'buddy-box' transmitter for you to have a go at your initial flight, but an instructor may let you fly under close supervision with a trainer model. Come along a few times to see what others use and discusse suitable models and equipment. But be warned!!!! flying model aircraft is very addictive and you will quickly want to buy your own equipment.

Q.  Where can I buy the kit from, what do I need and how much does it cost?

A.  One of the advantages of joining Ivel MAC is that you will benefit from the knowledge many experienced flyers who can give you advice into making the right purchase and not wasting your money on unsuitable or overpriced equipment.

Q.  Will I be allowed to fly on my own once I am trained?

A.  At Ivel MAC we pride ourselves on the training we provide to new and less experienced flyers. This includes getting flyers through the basic minimum BMFA basic proficiency test/'A' certificate. For safety reasons, we do not allow non basic proficiency test/'A' certificate flyers to fly unaccompanied until this minimum qualification has been achieved. Being accompanied whilst you fly doesn't mean you'll still be on the trainer 'Buddy' system, it just means that an experienced flyer will stand with you whilst you fly, to encourage, help and advise should you need it.

Q.  How much does the training cost?

A.  Training is provided free of charge by the dedicated group of experienced club instructors who are always willing to provide help and support seven days a week (weather permitting!).

Q.  How much does the 'A' certificate cost and how long does it take to achieve this standard?

A.  The certification system is free to BMFA members. Your instructor will let you know when you're ready to take the 'A' certificate.  With frequent and regular instruction, it shouldn't take very long to become proficient enough to take the certificate. Once this achievement has been achieved  you can fly without the need to be accompanied by a certificate holder.

Q.  Do I need to join the BMFA?

A.  BMFA membership provides the flyer with many benefits from belonging to this very helpful governing body - the most valuable of which is the necessary 3rd party liability insurance to fly which protects you and the club!  BMFA membership is obligatory to most reputable flying clubs including Ivel MAC. The club can arrange membership on your behalf or you can obtain it yourself and provide us with a copy of the certificate.

Q.  Do I need to register with the CAA?

A.  Yes.           We can advise you how to go about this, contact us!

If you'd like to join Ivel MAC, why not contact us?